Alain Green discovered photography in 1990. He began recreationally freelancing – eventually leading him to pursue it full-time as of 2007, which was the start of Alain Green Photography (AGP). After being in professional business for over 9 years in Miami, Florida, AGP has produced a dynamic portfolio that is comprised of high end fashion, beauty, and lifestyle images that accentuate subjects’ emotions while evoking a sense of visual pleasure from it’s viewers.

With a keen eye for lighting and creativity, Alain’s knack for the arts have accrued a list of clients including Mario Chalmers, Claudia Jordan, Keyisha Bell and others. Thriving on quality, Alain produces images that transcend his clientele’s desires by capturing people in motion using unique, innovative angles and techniques.

His photographic achievements include publications in New You magazine and African American Golfer’s Digest. Shooting locations include Florida, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Arizona, Jamaica and London.

Alain’s talents, passion and personal connections forged with his client base make him an ideal photographer for any situation. With worldwide experience and a wide array of publicized subjects and formats, Alain has positioned himself as an invaluable, multi-faceted photographer that’s eager to work on your next assignment!

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